“Kvadrashka” game

K – Kids

V – Variants

A – Active

D – Development

R – Rejoice

A – Analyze

S – Search for answers

H – Hidden prizes

K – Keys

A – Algorithm

  • Puzzle box (Mystery box)

  • Learning game for children of 3-7 years.

  • A game for all: pupils and teachers, older and younger.

  • Allows involving children in search for answers to different topics by simple actions on the playing field.

  • The game is capable of giving delight and surprise!

  • Original cards with pictures from different series can spark interest to certain topics.

  • It helps the child to be successful, diligent, inquisitive.

Rules of the “Kvadraskhka” game.

 Option 1: “Mystery box”

The game is a cube-shaped structure divided into two parts: the playing field and the box. There are 15 cubes on the playing field. 4 cubes have drawings in the form of geometric figures on them. Drawings on cubes can be changed depending on the chosen series of cards. The same figures are on the bar in the top of the playing field. These figures can also be changed to a card from the series. In order to do this, just insert the card with the drawing in the appropriate place.

Players task:

  • Place the cube with geometric figures or a card with a drawing to the corresponding figures on the bar of the playing field and pick up the keys. They are hidden inside 4 cubes with figures.
  • Collect all the keys, insert them into the box lock, push the side lock and get a prize.
  • In order to start a new game all actions must be done in the reverse order:
  • Hide a new prize.
  • Remove the keys from the box lock.
  • Close the box.
  • Put the keys inside the cubes on the field and simultaneously move the cube with the key so that the key does not fall out of the hole.

A series of cards with theme pictures is provided with the “cube” game structure:

  • Nature world: animals and plants (kvadrashka – little learn-it-all)
  • Let’s play – let’s count (kvadrashka – mathematician, little know-it-all)
  • Let’s play – let’s read (kvadrashka – little scholar)

Our game can be supplemented with new picture cards. Themes are very different: professions, transportation, clothing, etc.

We wish you success!

Option 2: The path to learn the world.

Do you want to get a prize that is hidden in a magic box?

You need to go through several stages of the game for that:

  • Find the keys: they will open the magic door of the box. The keys are hidden inside 4 cubes with different pictures.
  • Move the cubes across the field, lead them next to the same figure above on the playing field and collect all the keys
  • Insert the keys into the lock of the box
  • Open the magic doors
  • Get the prize.
  • You can play over and over again, but do not forget to hide a new prize!
  • Get the keys out of the lock.
  • Close the box.
  • Insert the keys inside the cubes on the field and immediately move the cube so that the key does not fall out.

Good luck in your search!


It is included in the game set

The game set includes:

Wooden cube

Series of cards by topics: “geometric shapes / figures”, natural world – plants, animals, reading

Keys: 4 figures

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